Military 1:72 Soviet gun ZIS-2 Soviet gun ZIS-3 Soviet tank BT-2 Soviet light tank T-70M Self-propelled plant SU-76M Soviet truck GAZ-AAA Armored Vehicle BA-6 Soviet truck GAZ-AAA 76 mm Gun on GAZ-AAA chassis SU-12 Gasoline refueling truck BZ-38 Armored Vehicle BA-10 Tank T-34/76 with stamp turret Self-propelled artillery plant SU-100 Light tank PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.C MarderIII Sd. 138 Crulle Sd. 138/1M MarderIII Sd. 139 Command tank Pz. 38t Antiaircraft Sd. 140  Sd. 140/1 MarderIII Sd. 138M LTvz38 Praga Hetzer (early version) Hetzer WWII German tank hunter, late Hetzer sIG-33/2 WWII German self-propelled gun Flammpanzer 38(t) Hetzer WWII German tank Hetzer spg, command Armored Vehicle BA6M Armored Vehicle BAI BA-10ZD Soviet armored vehicle Soviet tank BT-5 Soviet artillery tank D-38 Self-propelled plant SU-76 Anti-aircraft self-propelled plant ZSU-37 (1943) Soviet light tank T-80 Anti-aircraft self-propelled plant ZSU-37 (1944) Soviet light tank BT-7 (1935) Soviet light tank BT-7 (1937) Soviet light tank BT-7A (with art. turret) Wheel-track tank RBT-5 Soviet tank T-26 with turret A-43 Soviet tank T-26 with artillery turret Soviet tank T-26 Armored Vehicle BA-3 Airfield starter AS-2 on GAZ-AAA chassis Chemical tank T-26 Soviet tank T-34/76 (1942) Soviet tank T-34/76 (1943) Soviet tank T-34/85 (1944 with D-5T gun) Tank T-34/85 (with S-53 gun ) Tank T-34/76 (1941) Flame-throwing tank T-34/76 Self-propelled artillery plant SU-122 Self-propelled artillery plant SU-85 Soviet tank T-34/76 (1940 with L-11 gun) Fast tank BT-5 (with cylindrical turret) Soviet tank T-34/76 (1940 with F-34 gun) Soviet tank BT-2 (machine-gun) Finnish tank BT-42 Light tank PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.G Munitionsfahrzeug 38(t) Soviet light tank T-26-4 (with cylindrical turret) BA-3ZD Soviet armored vehicle Armored Vehicle BA9 Truck GAZ-AAA with 57mm Gun ZIS-2

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Military » UM » 1:72
Soviet gun ZIS-2

Price: 4.10 USD
Soviet gun ZIS-3

Price: 4.10 USD
Soviet tank BT-5

Price: 6.50 USD
Soviet tank BT-2

Price: 6.55 USD
Soviet artillery tank D-38

Price: 6.50 USD
Self-propelled plant SU-76

Price: 7.20 USD
Anti-aircraft self-propelled plant ZSU-37 (1943)

Price: 7.20 USD
Soviet light tank T-70M

Price: 6.80 USD
Soviet light tank T-80

Price: 6.80 USD

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