Plastic figures, military 1:72 1:35 1:16 1:32 1:48 - Sd.kfz.232 T III ausf L RUSSIAN SPECIAL FORCES MUJAHIDEEN DDR INFANTRY NKVD TROOPS 1943-45 STALINS COSSACS GERMAN TANK CREW 1939-41 GERMAN TANK CREW 1941-42 GERMAN TANK CREW 1943-45 GERMAN INFANTRY 1943 GROSSDEUTSCHELAND GERMAN INFANTRY DIVISION 1943 GERMAN PANZER GRENADEURS 1943-45 SOVIET PILOTS AND GROUND PERSONELL T-V ausf G Kfz 69 with 37mm gun M3 A1 STUART T-28 (mod 1936)Soviet medium tank T-28 (mod 1938)Soviet medium tank IT 28 Engineering Tank-bridgelayer T-35 Soviet heavy tank PzKpfw II Ausf L Luchs German Light Tank WW II PzKpfw II Ausf D T-IID German Light Tank WW II PzKpfw II Flammpanzer German Tank WW II URAL-4320 6WD Russian Army Cargo Truck BM-21 Grad Russian Rocket System T-34-85 WW II Russian Medium Tank BTR-RD Robot Russian Personnel Carrier 2S9 Nona S Russian Airborne SPG BTR-ZD Skrezhet Russian Armored Vehicle BMD-1 Russian Airborne Vehicle BMD-2 Russian Airborne Vehicle

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