Plastic soldiers figures, ships, wargames, aircrafts, military models 1:72 1:35 1:16 1:32 1:48- German assault troops. Russian Special Forces. Fire support. Team Russian Special Forces 120mm. Mortar with Crew German 120-mm. Mortar 42 with Trailer and Crew Soviet machineguns with Crew WWII Red Army infantry (part 2) Red Army infantry SOV SEA INFANTRY Soviet Tank Crew Zis-3 Soviet Gun PAK-40 gun GERMAN PARATROOPERS Carthaginian Infantry REPUBLICAN ROME. CAVALERY III-I B.C. Christian Knights Russian heavy infantry 1812-1815 Mongols XIII-XIV A.D. Teutonic knights XIIIth century Greek infantry V-IV B.C. Persian infantry immortals V-IV B.C.

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Military » Zvezda » 1:35
BT-5 Soviet light tank

Price: 11.00 USD

Price: 9.20 USD
Semovente M40 - 75/18

Price: 9.20 USD
M13/40 Italian Tank

Price: 9.20 USD
M-3 Armored Scout Car

Price: 9.20 USD
BM-13 Katiusha

Price: 11.00 USD
Panzer 1B German Light Tank

Price: 9.20 USD
Josef Stalin-2 Soviet heavy tank

Price: 11.00 USD
-34/76 Soviet tank mod. 1943

Price: 11.00 USD

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