Plastic figures, ships, wargames, aircrafts, military models 1:72 1:35 1:16 1:32 1:48 - HUNGARIAN CITY BUILDING FRENCH CITY BUILDING POLISH CITY BUILDING PARK GATE AND FENCE UKRAINIAN CITY BUILDING GERMAN VILLAGE HOUSE Austrian City Building BELGIAN VILLAGE HOUSE RUSSIAN CITY BUILDING Czesh city Building Burgundian Knights and Archers XV Century French Knights with Assault Ladders XV Century French Foot Soldiers with Rams XV Century Medieval Fortress Medieval Castle Burgundian Mounted Knights XV Century French Mounted Knights XV Century Italian Knights XV Century German Knights XV Century GERMAN TANK CREW. WINTER 1943-45. Soviet Infantry at Rest. WW II Soviet Infantry on March. WW II German Tank Crew. WW II GERMAN SELF-PROPELLED GUN CREW SOVIET TANK CREW AT REST GERMAN TANK CREW AT WORK Ger Tank Repair Crew SOV TANK CREW AT WORK French Knight XV Century German Knight XV Century Burgundian Knight XV CEntury Englis Knight XV Century Roman Legionary I I Century A.D.JPG Praetorian Guardsman II Century A.D. Roman Legionary I Century A.D. French Musketeer XVII Century Netherlands Musketeer XVII Century French Guardsman XV Century SOVIET TANK CREW. WINTER 1943-45. T-70 M Early Production GERMAN Pz. Kpfw. T-70 743(r) wCREW SOVIET OFFICERS AT FIELD BRIEFING GERMAN ARTILLERY CREW SOVIET LIGHT TANK T-70M SOVIET TANK AMMO-LOADING CREW Hungarian Country House Ukrainian Village House EAST PRUSSIAN CITY BUILDING House Accessories FRENCH FARM GATE Italian City Building Swiss Infantry XV Century LITHUANIAN CITY BUILDING SOVIET ARTILLERY CREW SOVIET 76,2mm GUN ZIS-3 w/CREW GERMAN 7,62 cm GUN FK288(r) w/crew GERMAN SHED

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